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Infra-red probe
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Main norms / special function:

  • This sensor uses heat commentate the character that electric data polarization changes along with temperature explores infra-red radiate
  • Use Shuang Lingmin yuan the interference that complementary method restrains temperature change to arise, increased the working stability of sensor
  • Explain: Afore-mentioned characteristic index are to be in what source pole resistor determines below R2=47K Ω condition, when the user uses sensor, can adjust the volume of R2 according to his need
  • Use:
    • The attention is acute yuan the position and visual field size, so that get optimal optics is designed
    • The measurement of all voltage signal is to use a peak one peak value decides award, the EA in spending B evenly and EB express two delicacy respectively yuan the peak of voltage output signal one peak value
    • Use pass when feeling, of pin bend or solder place should leave above of 4mm of pin radical ministry
    • Before use sensor, should consult first manual, want to prevent to accept wrong pin especially