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Product Details
Platoon line
  • Company: Vasting Quan Inc.
  • Address: In town of fresh water of county of Taipei of Chi
  • Phone: (886 2) 26201000
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • Characteristic:
    • Weight is measured, flexibility is good
    • Close together design
    • Installation is easy, cost is low
    • The interior of simple palpability is designed
  • Material:
    • Lead: ? tin-plating
      • Stannic layer ply: ?um of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase
    • Dielectric: Hencoop?PET)
      • Agglutinate layer: Leap up drinks formic ┞ of sew of avoid station Meng like that  ?PVC) or polyester agglutinate layer
      • White
    • Pay stay: Hencoop?PET)
      • Agglutinate layer: Hencoop フ clear is fond of
      • Color: Path? transparent or blue
  • Application:
    • Super bend model: DVD, CD-Rom, printer and other
    • Common model: Scanner of? of uncut jade of glare of Di bench remote in time or space, radiophone, electrograph, individual notebook computer, PDA, the car carries frequency equipment, LCD lamp, home appliance or other
    • Crust type: 繣 MI electromagnetism disturbs a function
    Pay data:

    Freight is detailed information: