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Product Details
UPR resistor
  • Company: Shanghai carries grand electro
  • Address: Shanghai of chinese mainland Shanghai is loose Le
  • Phone: (86 21) 67741095
  • Homepage:
Main norms / special function:

  • UPR resistor
  • Have precision of dependability of freeboard stability, freeboard, freeboard, ultralow temperature to spend resistor of coefficient and extremely low temperature coefficient
  • For the production such as accurate instrument appearance and rigid weighing apparatus and electronic balance the enterprise offers the UPR series mould pressing that has high demand resistor
  • Have very tall stability and dependability and very small temperature coefficient
  • UPR0.25: 0.25W
  • UPR0.5: 0.5W
  • Precision: 0.1% , 0.05% , 0.02% , 0.01%
  • Wen Piao: 15PPM, 10PPM, 5PPM, 3PPM, 2PPM, 1PPM
  • Block is worth limits: 1 Ω - 1M Ω